Exceptional Water Quality

  • Pond Pump by OASE. Water Garden. OASE Outdoor.

    Pond Pumps

    - Durable fountain, filter and watercourse pumps - safe low voltage technology

    - Perfect or small water features up to multi-stage filter systems

    - Easy to clean

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  • Cleaning Accessories by OASE. Water Garden . OASE Outdoor.

    Skimmers and Cleaning Accessories

    - Makes your pond look good.

    - Easily remove dirt and sludge.

    - Manual accessories such as dipping nets, pond tongs & cover nets are of course also available

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  • Oase PondoVac 4

    Pondo Vacuums

    - Fast and convenient transport to the pond/pool site

    - Easy removal of the motor unit and access for maintainence

    - Two chamber system

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Irrigation and Drainage

Here at OASE, we recommend our proven submersible water pumps for draining dirty water from the cellar and building sites. You can also get domestic water pumps from us, as well as perfectly matched accessories.

Irrigation & Domestic Waterworks. OASE Consumer. Outdoor OASE.

Irrigation & Domestic Waterworks

- Garden pumps from entry level to multi-stage high performance
- Efficient rainwater barrel pumps, well and cistern pumps
- A complete domestic water system with the Garden Automatic pump.

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Drainage by OASE. Filter. Outdoor OASE. Water Garden.


- Multistage water pumps for clear and slightly turbid water.
- Powerful submersible waste water and construction pumps
- Reliable and powerful technology with accessories

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Pond Construction

Beyond just swimming pool and koi ponds, OASE has got you covered. You can create anything relating to your outdoor garden with us, from liners and fleeces to liner adhesive and pre-formed ponds.

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