• AquaMax Eco Classic

    The entry-level class among the filter and watercourse pumps: AquaMax Eco pumps the pond water to the watercourse, waterfall or filter system powerfully and reliably. The large-surface wrap-around filter allows coarse dirt particles such as fish waste or dead plant parts up to 8 mm in size to pass through. The pumps switch off automatically in the event of dry running or blockage, preventing damage to the unit.

  • AquaMax Eco Twin

    Powerful conveying capacity with flexible regulation. The AquaMax Eco Twin transports coarse dirt up to 11 mm in size from the pond water. The highlight is the two separate motors, which can be switched on/off or dimmed easily by remote control. In this way, additional filter accessories such as surface skimmers or satellite filters can be connected and controlled separately. An energy-efficient solution, because the power consumption is significantly reduced by the individual power adjustment.

  • AquaMax Eco Dry

    First-class pumping capacity and flexible installation options in dry conditions! It is ideal for use below the water level in an external pump chamber – even on swimming and bathing ponds. Due to its solid base, it stands particularly firmly. The filter and watercourse pump pumps the pond water with dirt particles up to 8 mm in size to the filter system. It works extremely quietly and is electronically adjustable.

  • AquaMax Eco Expert

    The power of a new pump generation: extremely powerful yet economical. A pump that is perfect for use in demanding filter systems or for large watercourses and waterfalls. It offers a very high degree of efficiency and at the same time is excellent at pumping coarse debris up to 11 mm in size. The robust and durable stainless-steel housing contains an exceptionally quiet running pump, which can be installed dry or submerged and can be regulated electronically via Easy Control App.

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