OASE Indoor Aquatics

OASE’s 70 years of expertise and research have resulted in the launch of our most recent line of quality indoor aquarium products. Designed and engineered by our own passionate hobbyists, we now offer a variety of aquatic products suitable for you.

To purchase our Indoor Aquatics products in Singapore, check out our authorized distributor East Ocean Aquatic in the link below.

Premium Aquarium

- Featuring the HighLine and ScaperLine Collection -

HighLine Aquarium by OASE

HighLine Aquarium

- Flush design, configurable in five different sizes

- Three colours with high-quality LED lighting options

- Feature impressive hidden technology with an abundance of storage space

HighLine Aquariums
ScaperLine Aquarium by OASE

ScaperLine Aquarium

- Balance between nature, design and technology

- Includes mitre-cut OptiWhite glass, magnets integrated in the cabinet for the scaping tools and cable routing system

- Perfect environment for landscapes, plants and animals

ScaperLine Aquariums

Compact Aquariun

- Featuring StyleLine Aquarium -

StyleLine Aquarium by OASE

StyleLine Aquarium

Complete Set - filter, heater and LED lighting ready to use straight away.

Available in two sizes and two colours. Compact size with lots of storage space and room for technology

Great experience, for professionals and beginners alike.

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