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BiOrb Classic LED 60 - Silver

BiOrb Classic LED 60 - Silver

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BiOrb CLASSIC LED aquariums in a classic ball design with standard LED lighting and a patented filter system. With a long-lasting and energy-efficient LED standard light unit.

- Made of tough, clear and lightweight acrylic
- Guaranteed easy cleaning and care and the ecosystem is kept in balance thanks to the patented filter system
- Unique and changeable thanks to countless decoration options
- Safe 12 volt voltage
- Guaranteed to be easy to install: Just a few steps to set up the aquarium
- MCR light unit: 16 different colored looks can be controlled via remote control and 4 time cycles can be selected to simulate changing lighting conditions

- acrylic aquarium, light unit, pump, transformer, air stone, filter cartridge, ceramic substrate

DIMENSIONS: 50cm x 1cm x 52cm
WEIGHT: 5.58kg

Bringing an added touch of nature, our biOrb Water not only enhances the serenity to your living environment but is also the perfect conversation starter among family and friends. An individually created design masterpiece for any living space. The biOrb CLASSIC with round shape is available in different sizes and colours. Can also be used as an aquarium.
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