Discover the first and only vivarium that’s as beautiful as the animals you keep in it and as stylish as your home

  • Total control with EARTH app

    Every aspect of biOrb EARTH’s internal environment is set using theOASE Control App. Simple to use, the app gives you precise control through its intuitive interface. Temperature, humidity, daylight hours, etc can all be set for individual seasons or for the entire year.

  • One power cable

    biOrb EARTH needs just ONE power cable, requiring a single socket. Additionally the EARTH is low voltage.

  • Made from Acrylic

    Acrylic is incredibly strong and acrylic is a good insulator so you don’t lose much heat.

    Acrylic allows 23% more light to pass through. The astonishing clarity of acrylic is why your biOrb bursts with color and life in a way you may never have seen before.

  • Authentic 3D temperature environment

    1. Patented temperature control unit — Using a solid-state Peltier driven heat pump and fans, air is constantly recirculated within the tank, heating and cooling as required.

    2. Substrate heater cable — Maintains the ground temperature. Its heating element can be configured to create warm basking spots in a particular corner, or along a side. Direct heating of the substrate mimics the real world, where the ground is slower to heat up in the morning and cool in the evening. The heater cables also stimulate plant growth.

  • The humidity your animals expect

    1. Ultrasonic mister — Built-in with dedicated fan and tank hidden at the rear. The Ultrasonic mister produces a gentle ‘swirling’ ultra-fine mist that hydrates the plants right down to their roots.

    2. Rain nozzles — Twin integrated, directional nozzles recreate rainfall cycles of natural habitats.

    3. Temperature and humidity sensors — Two sensors constantly monitor and control the temperature and humidity levels your animals require.

    4. Capillary matting — At the base is a free draining support layer. This ensures the correct level of moisture for your plants and bio-active substrate.

  • Long life Sunlight LED bulbs

    To fully recreate the natural world, each day in your biOrb EARTH begins with sunrise. Then moves to midday and, finally, sunset. Three separate channels increase and decrease in sequence so your biOrb EARTH features a true, east-west solar day – benefiting both your animals and plants.

Setting up your BiOrb Earth

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