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OASE BioMaster - Customer Review

In this blog, we have collected some user reviews about OASE BioMaster.
It is better to let everyone know the user's review directly rather than promoting the goodness of OASE BioMaster,

Youtuber - MJ Aquascaping's review for OASE BioMaster

1. MJ Aquascaping

Youtuber with 70K Subscribers

According to MJ Aquascaping 's review video for BioMaster 850, the best features that he like the most is the Easy Clean Pre-filter Module. It makes the maintenance a lot easier and quicker. Also, he says the design and quality is very good for every fish keeper. Another feature of BioMaster he like the most is the adjustable heater, it is nicely hidden in the BioMaster and changes the water temperature of aquariums. Good complete set for starters.

OASE BioMaster. Extreme External Filter. Aquarium Filter


A nunchuck specialist, from Northwest Florida.

Oase Biomaster does a great job of filtering the water. It comes with tons of reusable sponges that work well for catching fish waste and other gunk.

Plus, it includes unique features, like an integrated heater, a sturdy handle on the motorhead and biomedia that’s like a cross between bio balls and ceramic noodles.

The water parameters were consistently healthy throughout the testing period, the water clarity was excellent and the heater maintained a steady temperature despite radical swings between day and night temperatures out in barn.

OASE BioMaster
3. SevenPorts

Over 50 years of keeping aquarium experience

"If you are serious about planted freshwater aquariums, this is the best filtration system on the market. Saltwater enthusiasts looking for a canister filter for their system should also give the BioMaster a try."

He ran the unit on my tank for 30 days without doing any water changes or other maintenance, apart from topping up for evaporation. During that time, the water remained crystal clear, despite regular feedings with flake food and frozen brine shrimp. Patches of blue green algae (cyanobacteria) that had been tenaciously growing on the substrate disappeared, never to return. He also observed that the fish seemed to appreciate the currents produced by the 250 gallons per hour flow rate. 

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Hi there, my biomaster 600 keeps leaking….is there a service center? Do you sell parts like o rings?

Mark Leong

Just purchased the 850 biomaster,would like to see some form of light at top of heater,to indicate it’s on when you look in cabinet,thanks

John Dalziel

I’ve been running my Oase 850 thermo filter on a 200L African cichlid tank for 18 months. I was very lucky to have won the filter in a competition in PFK magazine.
I wash the pre-filter sponges every week. I srip the filter down once every 4 months and I’m amazed how clean the media is. I’ve had no problems with noise. My tank water is crystal clear despite the mess made by the Cichlids. It’s an amazing filter with some really great extras. Well done Oase.

Ian Thom

I have the 850 series. At first start I had problems with air bubbles and noise. But I took the whole canister apart and put Vaseline on alll the gaskets. That eliminated all the bubbles and noise. Now it runs super quiet. Oase just needs to make the gaskets thicker. And it would be nice to have a on and off switch on top to turn the unit off, while cleaning the pre filter or the whole thing. Otherwise it preforms great.

Jack Braakman

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