Iconic Water Display by OASE

Iconic Water Display by OASE

A tour of one of our best ones yet!

Located at the heart of Suntec City Mall, one of Singapore's iconic fountain is due of a renewal. Accompanied by the new look, a multitude of effects are now available with the help of our Varionaut technology. The fountain is designed with a circular layout to allow for a 360° panoramic view of the stunning water display.

Known as Singapore's Fountain of Wealth, it was designed to accommodate the principles of Feng Shui. This famous attraction has garnered the attention from many visitors worldwide. It is said that by entering the fountain center and walking around the middle ring of the jets, visitors may receive an auspicious blessing. Hence in order to signify good luck and fortune, a total of 68 vertical jets surrounded by 68 jumping jets were used.

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