OASE BiOrb Classic 30L

5 Low Maintenance Fish for BiOrb Tanks

BiOrb Fish Tank - All-In-One Aquarium5 low maintenance fish you may consider to keep in BiOrb All-In-One Fish Tanks. Betta, Guppy, Neon Tetra, Angel Fish, Cory Catfish. All the fishes are suitable for BiOrb Cube, BiOrb Tube, BiOrb Classic, BiOrb Flow, BiOrb Life, BiOrb Halo.

  1. Guppies 
    Guppies are very easy to take care, adaptable fish in biOrb Tank. They are great fishes to start for newbie biOrb Tank owner. Beginners can feed 5-6 guppies in their BiOrb tanks depending on the tank size.
    Guppies keeping in BiOrb Tanks
  2. Neon Tetra
    Neon Tetras are a pretty addition for BiOrb Tank. They are colourful fish with red & blue strips on body. Also, Neon Tetra are very peaceful tropical fish best kept in school of 6 or more in biOrb Tank. 
    Neon Tetra keeping in BiOrb Tank
  3. Betta
    Bettas are hardier and require less space than other fish. They are easy to maintain in a BiOrb Tank. Also, Bettas would be happy and enjoy in BiOrb Tank!
    BETTA Fish Keeping in BiOrb Tanks

  4. Angel Fish
    Angelfish are very suitable for beginners because Angelfish is relatively a peaceful fish. The way to keep Angelfish happy is to put then in 60L BiOrb Tanks or above.
    AngelFish keeping in BiOrb Tank

  5. Cory Catfish
    Cory Catfish are not difficult to keep and are generally hardy fish. They are peaceful and helpful as a clean-up crew. So, keeping a group of 6 Cory Catfish in a BiOrb Tank is highly suggested.
    Cory Catfish keeping in BiOrb Tank

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