Centre of Attention

Centre of Attention

Located at JW Marriott Hotel (Singapore)

Design Inspiration

By the laws of Feng Shui, flowing water is related to wealth, abundance, and cash flow. Fountains in the case are commonly known to be used to invite wealth and prosperity. Additionally, it can be helpful to stir up the qi in an area, ensuring that it can move freely.

Fountain Technology Concept

Fountain effects were proposed based on which accentuated the focal point, paired together with complementing effects on the circumference of the fountain. The core of the fountain consists of a 6m high Cascade Jet Spray, surrounded by three 3.5m Cascade Jets and fourteen 1.8m Cluster Eco 15-38 Jet. A total of twenty-eight parabolic jets is installed to the heart of the fountain to infuse the middle with glowing with thick water and wealth.

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