OASE BiOrb Air 30L

4 Ways To Style Your biOrb AIR Terrarium

Want a terrarium to grow plants? Check out the 4 ways that you can style the biOrb Air. We have put together a few key features for you to consider when choosing your biOrb Air 30L.

1. Modern

The terrarium is designed with a sleek and modern aesthetic and comes in various sizes and shapes. You can create the perfect look on your own biOrb Air. One of the key feature is the automatic humidity. A gentle mist that hydrates the plants will be triggered when humidity drops.


Oase biOrb Air

2. Chinese New Year 

Red and gold are auspicious colors in Chinese culture, representing good luck and wealth. Decorating your biOrb Air with those colours can create a festive and welcoming atmosphere. One of the key feature is the remote control. You can choose between three modes: Medium, Tropical, Semi-Arid.

Oase biOrb Air

3. Valentines Day 

Set up your biOrb Air with props like cars, houses, and other items that guests can use to take cute and memorable photos with their loved ones. One of the key feature is the clean air system. It prevents stagnation and condensation by drawing in fresh air, circulating then returning through a replaceable carbon filter.

Oase biOrb Air

4. National Day

BiOrb Air 30L in white colour paired with Merlion, Panda and Owl figurines. The types of terrarium plants included are Orchid (Singapore's National Flower), Fittonia (Nerve Plant), Cryptanthus Bivittatus (Starfish Plant) and Tradescantia Spathacea (Boat Lily). Not forgetting the cute little mushroom ornaments. 

OASE BiOrb Air 30L

Interested to get the biOrb Air 30L? Fret not, it will be made available on our Shopee and Lazada platforms soon. Be sure to check out this blog for further updates. Alternatively, you can check out our certified dealers store for biOrb Air 30/60L or other Oase biOrb aquariums.

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Hi 👋 , May I know where can I purchase a Air 30, white colour, I live in Jurong. Thank you.

Tan Hong Wei

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