A Stunning View

A Stunning View

Spot this captivating masterpiece

Located within the park between the iconic Twin Towers of KLCC, this fountain complements its surroundings with a modernistic look.

Its eye-catching design consists of open fan-shaped sprays and rotating jets, capable of forming whirlwinds of water among a myriad of other beautiful patterns. Inspired by the vibrant tropical colours of nature, the fountain brings forth the abstract concept of a blooming flower with its theatrical three-dimensional water display.

Special Features

Retaining the existing form of the trenches, the old system was replaced with newer energy saving inverter pumps and LED illumination. With sustainability in mind, over 480 individually controlled water effects and more than 1000 underwater lights, were added to the newly renovated fountain. The adaption of new technologies into our systems is what allows us to consistently deliver a wide variety of stunning water performances.

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